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Holidays Fast Approaching

Hello, this is Corene Painter, your Simply Beads update editor, with the latest trends to update your beading and jewelry-making style with some quick ideas and tips for this holiday season!

So it's coming up on crunch time once again. Look at the calendar and you can see December is soon upon us. I know it is tempting when it comes to crunch time just to run to the store and pick up gift cards and call it done. But how about, instead of doing that, you tap into your creative juices and those skills you have built up in jewelry making to create some fresh, fast gifts for your friends and family? In this Simply Beads update I am going to share some of my favorite go-to projects for quick gifts that people are sure to love!

But before we jump into the projects, let's go ahead and dive into the tips. I like to start by making a list of people I want to give gifts to this year, adding a few spaces for any "oops, I forgot so-and-so!" that might occur. Now, I know that beading and jewelry making is not going to work for everyone on your list, so after you make your list, circle the ones that you know would love something handmade from you. Now the fun begins.

Take that list of people you know you want to make jewelry for and try to quickly jot down some things you know about each person. These can include favorite colors, styles of dress, jobs or even favorite books, movies or TV shows. Now that you have that locked down, use this knowledge to influence the pieces of jewelry you are going to make and brainstorm some jewelry ideas that "fit" each person. These simple, quick ideas can really personalize handmade gifts even more!

Now that we have a list and some ideas, let's explore five of my favorite quick gift ideas. Come with me on another beading adventure! Let's get creative together and get a jump start on some gifts for the holidays!

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Here I used the Indianapolis Colts football team's colors to create a fun pair of simple earrings and a stretch bracelet.