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Quick Gifts They Will Love

Now that we have our list of people that we want to make gifts for and some of their interests and favorites, let's look at some easy and fast gifts we can create. Get out those beading tools and some simple supplies and let's jump right in!

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All of these gifts took a very short time to create! It just requires picking out some apt beads and creative designs with simple techniques to make eye-catching and quick gifts.

Key Chains: Not everyone on your list is going to wear jewelry. That does not mean you cannot create something handmade and beaded for them. This is where the simple key chain comes into play. Everyone has keys, whether it's car keys or just house keys. Why not jazz them up with a beaded charm? The charm can be made on head pins and eye pins similar to an earring or a dangle. You can use a series of links and dangles, or even add some interesting chain, to create some length. However, a word of caution: Don't make your charms too long or they may get caught in threads or other things when the keys they are attached to are in pockets, purses or bags. Also, try to pick sturdy beads for these sort of projects. Keys go through a lot of wear and tear. Better yet, try a tassel like I created in a recent Simply Beads update! Be sure to make this gift on a large split ring (key chain ring). That way, the person who receives it can easily add his or her keys to it. Another option is to put the charm on a lobster-claw clasp, that way the person receiving the charm can connect it even more easily to their keys.

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Key chains can be really boring. How about spicing them up with a charm?

Simple Dangle Earrings: You can never go wrong with a simple, elegant pair of dangle earrings. This, again, is a project that can be made using either head pins or a combination of head pins and eye pins to create dramatic dangles. Seem too simple for you? Not personal enough? Well, spice this project up a little by looking at the list of favorite things your friends and family like. Do you have a sports fan on that list? How about using their teams' colors, but making it fancy by using Swarovski crystals or pearls? That will make an upscale addition to their team outfits!

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You can never go wrong with a simple dangle earring. How about picking some non-classic holiday colors and give the gift earlier in the month!

Earrings With Charm: One of my favorite quick gifts builds off of the dangle earrings idea. Maybe you have created simple dangle earrings as a gift before and you don't want to do the same thing again. How about updating the idea by adding a charm or even a fancy earring finding? Maybe you have a Game of Thrones fan in your family. Create a dangle earrings set with a dragon charm in it. Or maybe you have a person who really likes Native American culture and art like I do. I created a simple set of earrings using a large metal feather charm and a few turquoise dangle accents. Once you decide to incorporate a charm, it is easy to add a few quick dangles to make it something special.

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Creating earrings with a charm can personalize earrings. Or you can pick some components from old projects and make earrings with the leftover pieces (copper earrings).

Multiple Charms With a Simple Chain: A lot of people wear necklaces of some sort. Again, I usually turn to my list of people and their favorite things to guide my hand. Then I create multiple dangles with large simple or wrapped loops, keeping favorite colors or themes in mind for the person the charms are intended for. Make sure the loop you create will fit over the clasp of the chain you plan to give with them. I usually like to give this gift as a set of charms that can be worn all together on the chain or one at a time. This is also a great gift to pair with earrings with charms or simple dangle earrings.

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Creating charms is as easy as creating earrings! Try using the same charms as you did in your quick charm earrings -- that way you have a set to give!

Stretch Bracelet: Now to my favorite gift. I love, I mean I really love making stretch bracelets as gifts. They are great gift ideas because you don't need to know the exact size of the person's wrist. Just a ballpark estimate will do, and it only requires a simple surgeon's knot. Worried that maybe you didn't get the size quite right? Take along a simple beading kit with extra beading line and a few beads from the bracelet you are giving to the place where the gift exchange is happening. That way, if the bracelet is too small, you can cut the line and restring the bracelet on the spot, adding beads as needed. Or if the bracelet is way too big, you can cut the line and restring it smaller. I have taken a kit like this with me to holiday parties. I have never needed it, but it is always good to be prepared. And think how impressed the person you have given the bracelet to will be when you take out the beading kit to correct the handmade gift in person! When creating these bracelets, make sure to choose beads with smooth edges. Beads with sharp edges like crystal beads can cut the stretch lines easily.

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Stretch bracelets are really my go-to gift. They are easy to make but still look great.

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