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Don't Stress, Creativity Is the Best Mess!

I hope this month's Simply Beads update has given you some insight and options for some awesome and quick holiday gifts! Thanks to writing this update, I already have a jump start on some of my gifts; however, I still need to make more. One thing I notice when I jump into making multiple quick gifts at the same time is that I tend to create quite the mess. Take it from me: Creativity can get messy! (Or I guess, take it from my husband, who always knows when I am creating because my beading corner in our spare room is a mess and it sometimes spills over into the family room!) But hey, I try not to stress, because creativity is the best mess!

But seriously, here is one last tip before I go: Try to tackle one gift at a time. As soon as that gift is finished, clear your work space, putting away beads and findings (and maybe even your tools) so that your space and your mind are clear for your next project. If not, you may find you become overwhelmed by your creative mess! Or you may find you have to spend time picking up from your last project before you can start on your new one, which at times can keep you from even wanting to start!

So let me amend my earlier statement: Don't stress, creativity is the best mess ... as long as you pick up that mess before the next project!

Good luck on all of your holiday projects, and I hope everything comes out great! Happy beading!

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Corene Painter
Editor, Simply Beads update

Corene began crafting and beading at a very young age, learning how to bead through Girl Scouts and a day camp that had an American Indian influence. Through the years, Corene has expanded her crafting and art skills to include photography, candle making, paper crafting, crochet and knitting.

After college, Corene opened a bead and candle shop that specialized in organic and gemstone beads. The shop featured her own jewelry creations, as well as jewelry created by other local beadwork designers in Corene's hometown of Fort Wayne, Ind. Corene's beadwork and paper creations are often featured at a local art gallery. At the request of a number of gallery patrons, Corene also teaches classes in both media several times a year. Corene still enjoys living in her hometown, and in the past, has been the technical editor of Simply Beads Kit-of-the-Month-Club, Creative Girls Kit-of-the-Month-Club, CardMaker magazine, beading books and numerous paper-crafting books by Annie's. She was also a past writer and designer for the CardMaker blog.

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