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Artist Interview

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Keri Lee: How long have you been creating and designing jewelry?

Terry: About 13 years.

Keri Lee: How long have you been teaching?

Terry: I've been teaching beading and jewelry-making classes for about 13 years. I have also taught art as a volunteer in public schools. At the moment, I'm teaching art classes to a home-school group.

Keri Lee: Did you have an instructor or technique that stands out in your memory?

Terry: No, I am mostly self-taught, which actually means that I read instructions over and over, or watch a video when I find a technique I want to learn.

Keri Lee: What is your favorite technique?

Terry: I enjoy adding fiber and leather to my designs. I am moving into mixed media, cutting leather, cloth and paper with a die cutter and using the die cuts in my jewelry.

Keri Lee: What is your LEAST favorite technique?

Terry: My least favorite technique is using resin because I can never be sure it will work as I expect. I definitely need to practice more with it to get over this hurdle because the creations I've seen using resin are wonderful.

Keri Lee: How long do you create for in any one length of time?

Terry: I create in short lengths of time. I like to leave designs out so I can walk by and move things about on my work surface.

Keri Lee: Do you create a little each day or do you create in magnificent bursts of huge proportion?

Terry: I create a little each day and usually on multiple projects. I work in a lot of different media, so it can get a bit messy!

Keri Lee: Do you have a favorite technique to teach?

Terry: I don't have a favorite technique, but whatever it is that I'm teaching, I try to inspire my students to enjoy the process of creating without worrying so much about the end product. With practice, your creations will improve, but first you have to get over your fear of creating and making mistakes.

Keri Lee: What will you be teaching in your next class? Why have you chosen that piece?

Terry: This summer, I'll be teaching a mixed-media cuff. It's a free-form cuff in the boho style that is very trendy right now, and I think it will appeal to a lot of people. It's an easy design to individualize too, so each student can make it uniquely theirs.

Keri Lee: What does your work space look like currently? Do you have a photo to share?

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Terry: I'm lucky to have an extra bedroom that I use for jewelry and crafts. It's also our home office. I just bought a heavy oak desk for my main work surface. I have wanted a sturdy surface so that I can use it for wirework and dapping. I also have a nice work bench under a window with lots of light in the morning. The rest of the room is mostly storage for all my materials.

Keri Lee: What project is currently on your work space?

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Terry: I'm currently working on a necklace with three chains. I found a turquoise enameled dragonfly that will be the focal on one of the chains.

Keri Lee: What colors do you find yourself gravitating toward?

Terry: Turquoise has to be my favorite color. I like working with the gemstone and all the related stones in that shade. I also like to work in fall colors. In metals, I like anything antiqued.

Keri Lee: Is there an anecdote or moment in your life as a jewelry creator/designer/teacher you would like to share?

Terry: My start in teaching and designing jewelry is rather unusual, I think. I was working at a major craft store, and they needed a teacher for their new jewelry program. Prior to that I had been teaching other craft classes there, and I was open to new opportunities. I watched the introductory video, accepted the position, and started teaching! From there, I submitted a design to Simply Beads magazine, and my first jewelry design was published.

Thanks, Terry, for a wonderful glimpse into who you are, what inspires you, and where you create!

If you'd like to see more of Terry's designs you can check out her blog, Terry Ricioli Designs or follow her on Pinterest at