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Trying Something New for Spring

When winter ends in Indiana, after the cold snows have finished and the trees start to bud, I have to say I am ready for something new! So I have decided to jump in and try to learn how to knit again! I have been beading since I was a child, and I learned to crochet from my grandmother, but had to relearn how to do that in my 20s. But knitting has always been the craft I have had a hard time picking up.

Annie's Creative Studio
With a free 30-day trial why not check out Annie's Creative Studio and try something new today?!

This time around I decided to try once again to master the craft that has always challenged me with the help of Annie's Creative Studio. With the help of the videos on this site and access to all of the free patterns I get with my subscription, I am hoping that I can learn to knit in order to make some awesome gifts for my friends and family! I think it might be fun to make them jewelry and then surprise them with something knitted! I'll keep you all posted on how this works out!

Along with learning something new at Annie's Creative Studio, you'll have the opportunity to take great trips and learn more about crafts while traveling to amazing locations all over the world. One of the trips I personally have my eye on is the Yarns of Norway knitting and crochet tour with Lena Skvagerson, which will happen in September of 2018. I hate to say it, but I am one to pick favorites and I just adore Lena! Seeing Norway, and crocheting and knitting (if my new crafting plan works out) whilst also exploring craft stores, local markets, wharfs, knitting museums and much more sounds like fun to me!

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The 1-Step Looper and the Chain Sta are sure to be helpful additions to my beading tool kit!

Now getting back to beading, I got to try out some new beading tools for this Simply Beads update! These tools are from my long-time favorite tool-and-beading company, BeadSmith! They have come out with a tool called the 1-Step Looper that is sure to up my simple-loop game. I also got to test out the Chain Sta. The Chain Sta is a stand that helps making a charm bracelet or necklace a breeze!

So, I hope you'll wish me luck on my knitting adventure! For now, let's check out these two new tools that I have added to my beading kit!