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Suspended Beads

As promised, I spent the early morning working on the project for this issue out on my backyard patio overlooking our new pool. Can you tell I was inspired by the sparkling waters and beautiful blue of the pool bottom?

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I am pleased to report that our move went relatively smoothly and that we have now lived in our new home for nearly one month. While the move process is a grueling one, the "getting all settled" process is going great! I am enjoying setting up our new home. Though, I do miss having a dedicated studio space for creating. Because a studio space is not a necessity, it has somehow been pushed down the priority list and the rest of our home is getting settled first. I am hoping that, by the time I write my next update, I will have photos to share of my new studio. Stay tuned for the tour! In this issue, I am pleased to share with you a fun pair of earrings. I will teach you how to suspend beads on a beading wire so that there is space and added length to the earring design. Let's get to it!