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Learning New Skills

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As I have mentioned in previous updates, I am always up for learning new skills and learning about new or different materials I can use to expand my jewelry-making arsenal. In this update I am going to tackle a material I used to work with a lot with when I was younger -- leather. Leather can be a tricky material, and many times, jewelry makers pass it by in craft stores. I am going to share with you a few projects that will really show off the skills you already have but with a material you may not be very familiar with!

Now, while we're on the subject of learning new things, I am excited to announce that Annie's has come out with a new platform to enable you to learn tons of new crafting skills, to download lots of free patterns, and to watch how-to videos! It's called Annie's Creative Studio! This site really pulls together all of the information you need to learn a new craft or to learn new skills in a craft you are already skilled at! This site features some of my personal favorite instructors, such as, Lena Skvagerson for knitting, Nancy Scott for quilting, and Rohn Strong for crocheting, plus many more! Along with tips and product reviews, this is sure to be a site that will be on my favorites tab!