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Trending Earrings for Summer

Hello, this is Corene Painter, editor of Simply Beads update, with the latest trends in the jewelry and beading world!

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Examples of the dangle and mix-and-match earrings we will explore this Simply Beads update.

Let's talk earring trends! Mix-matched earrings and dangles are trending this summer and into the fall. So how do you pull off the perfect dangle or mix-matched look without looking like you stepped out of your house with the wrong earrings on? That is the question I am tackling this Simply Beads update.

Earrings are what I like to call my instant gratification crafting go-to item. They are great for gift giving, using up those spare beads and they're the perfect project if you want to create something but are short on time. Looking over the summer fashion runway shows I was excited to see that mixing and matching earrings that sometimes have nothing to do with each other was trending along with dramatic dangles. This trend can really challenge traditional designs but at the same time use some of those single beautiful beads that go with nothing else in your collection.

So come with me on a journey into a new and exciting trend that may or may not be your cup of tea. Who knows, you might find something that inspires you to step out of the box of matching earrings!