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Recharging Creative Batteries

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This is a photo of the beach where I spent a week this summer in Michigan. Scenes like this can really inspire a jewelry project.
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These tassels were inspired by the Michigan beach photo. Colors and textures taken from images of nature can really make a project more colorful and special.

Hello, this is Corene Painter, your Simply Beads update editor, with the latest trends to update your beading and jewelry-making style!

Last month I had the treat of going to Michigan to spend some time in nature. It really recharged my creative batteries and gave me time to think about new techniques and elements I would like to add to my jewelry-making toolbox. That's when I started to think about the different colors and textures around me and how I could incorporate them into my jewelry designs. It is always difficult to figure out new ways to introduce texture to beaded pieces. There are only so many beads and beading supplies out there. So how do you add something new? That's when I began thinking about tassels.

Tassels keep popping up on the fashion scene in both jewelry and clothing. They are a really easy way to add style, color and texture. Tassels have many uses other than just adding a pop of color and texture to a piece of jewelry like a necklace or a bracelet. They are also the perfect stand-alone element for a fun set of earrings that have a lot of motion and flair. A great inspiration for these kinds of projects are trips like the one I took. Take the colors you see in different places and apply them to new projects to make something really innovative happen.

So, come with me on another beading adventure! I'll teach you how to create a tassel that will add that little dash of style and color to any project.