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Warm Winter Wishes!

Warm Winter Wishes

Now that the holidays are over and the New Year commotion has passed, we all are given a chance to enjoy the time when the earth goes dormant and lies still beneath the chill of the season. Winter is a time of peace and quiet. Everything slows down and in turn affords beaders and crafters the ability to make headway on our never-ending lists of project ideas. If you are anything like me, you have lists of projects to make and techniques to learn that are simply waiting for the time you need to start on them.

As I stated in my first newsletter of the year, here at Simply Beads we are energizing our techniques and focusing on education. In today's issue I am excited to challenge you to bring new life to an everyday jewelry component -- the head pin. While it is a component we use in nearly every project, it's often overlooked as a component that holds true design potential. With that being said, let's talk head pins, specifically, creative head pins.