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Make It Handmade for Mom!

As a child I remember that I loved to make handmade gifts for my mom. No matter how unpolished and messy my creation was, my mom was sure to love it simply because I made it. Now as a mother of four, I fully understand why my mother loved each handmade gift I presented to her. There is something special about seeing your children express themselves through the presentation of a creative gift. Honestly, as I think about this, it's not just mothers who recognize the value of a handmade gift. Most people I know have great joy when being given a handmade gift, Mother's Day or not! However, because you might just be in need of a little inspiration for the upcoming holiday, in this issue of Simply Beads newsletter I have a few ways you can make it a handmade Mother's Day this year. Whether it be using one of the creative links I have to share, or perhaps by customizing a design by using the birthstone chart we will be chatting about, there is still time to get busy making Mom a special handmade Mother's Day gift!