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Beach Boho Style

Hello, this is Corene Painter, your Simply Beads update editor, with the latest trends in the jewelry and beading world!

Each year I flip through style magazines and pins on Pinterest thinking this will be the year something new will hit the summer beach-style scene. Maybe this will be the year chokers will replace Boho style and long flowing layered necklaces that look too time-consuming to create will not be trending. Each year Boho chic comes back, but this is the year I have planned to embrace it wholeheartedly. Why not? Magazine after magazine can't be wrong -- right?

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Boho style doesn't have to be restricted to just beachy blues and silver. I have paired turquoise together with earthy oranges and copper to create a Southwestern Boho look.
Even though I plan to embrace this enduring style trend, I plan to make it my own and find ways to make it easy to create. One way you can make this trend your own is by playing with colors as I will be doing in the Focus on Technique section of this update. Don't automatically get sucked into the common beachy light silver necklace with the common sea glass blues and greens. Instead, incorporate some of your favorite colors. Or even better, look at your favorite swimsuit, beach towel or bathing suit cover-up and choose your colors from those items. Still stumped on choosing colors? Annie's Creative Studio has a great video in which Kristi Simpson explains different ways to find color inspirations.

Now, as I said, I am going to make this trend easy and quick to create. How am I going to make this extremely long multilayered necklace easy to create, you may ask? Easy: I will let some open-link chain do the work of creating length for me. Now you may be asking yourself, "What does she mean by open-link chain?" Come with me on a beachy adventure to find out and to create a showstopping look that will make people at your neighborhood pool or at the lake stop you to ask, "Where did you buy that?"