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This month's Focus on Technique project: Casual High-Fashion Statement Pendant.

Many times as I flip through Pinterest or fashion websites, I see jewelry that I like but realize there is no way I am walking down the street wearing that in my Midwestern city. So that is where my style, which can be summed up as "casual high fashion," comes into play.

Think of casual high fashion as being like loud music turned down to a comfortable level; it still can be funky and fun, but it is more comfortable to listen to or, in this case, to wear. Casual high fashion with statement pendants or earrings is a really easy way to incorporate many of the out-of-this-world fashion trends on the runway this winter without scaring the neighbors. This coming year, jewelry trends and fashion trends in general are all over the board and include vibrant colors, mix and match earrings, 1980s-inspired sculpture, nature-inspired motifs, Marie Antoinette glam-inspired floral filigree and layers. That is just a few of the trends I am seeing out there. Along with bright, vibrant colors that are starting to trend, like purple and lime green, pastels are also making a comeback. That leaves us with a ton of options out there to create something really unusual and special for yourself, inspired by current high-fashion trends.

I have always loved that through the hobby and artistry of beading you can create a high-fashion look on your own! So to bring at least one or two of these high-fashion trends home in an easy, casual way, we are dipping our toes into the world of wire wrapping. This update's Focus on Technique article is going to give you an overview of the wires and tools needed to create with it, and it will give you a good foothold on this fun, versatile craft. Within this article we will create a casual high-fashion gemstone pendant that will build your skills and prepare you for the featured pattern! I love making jewelry with wire, and I hope you do to. Once you get the hang of it, you are only limited by your imagination.