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Simple dangle earrings can be some of the hardest to design, but it doesn't have to be that way. I mean, sure, you only have the vertical axis to work with, but that's OK. Getting creative with beads and findings will allow you some leverage in the horizontal areas. There are a few design layouts that can help when trying to lay out earrings.

The Increasing Design
With this layout, the beads grow larger as they progress down the pin.
Click here for larger image.
The Decreasing Design
With the largest bead at the top and the smallest at the bottom, this design can have a dramatic effect.
Click here for larger image.
The Symmetrical Designs (Increasing or Decreasing)
Here the largest or smallest bead is in the center and the beads on either side of the center bead are the same size, either both larger or both smaller than the center bead.
Click here for larger image. Click here for larger image.
The "Un-Named" Design
The last design doesn't have a name -- but it will once you decide on its components. With this design, a bead cap, cone or flower bead, or any finding that extends beyond the end of the head pin can be used to change the profile.
Click here for larger image.

With these basic layouts, you can easily switch out components and see which ones you like together. I find a color scheme also helps when I'm designing. It's usually much easier to design jewelry for a particular outfit rather than just from my head. If you don't have a particular outfit in mind, you could find a color scheme palette via Internet search for your inspiration.

Here are a few earring examples using the layouts above. Can you match them with their layout?

Click here for larger image. Click here for larger image. Click here for larger image.